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Hello Summer! Jackpot Roulette is a roulette with so much more – a progressive jackpot that must be won every day!

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Go to Live Casino
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Play Jackpot Roulette
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Jackpot must be won before Midnight every day!

The Hello Summer! progressive jackpots are on the fantastic Jackpot Speed Roulette game with a variable pot of money which is winnable on a daily basis before midnight of each day. We will add K5,030 to the progressive jackpot every day and then we will add K0.20 for every bet placed, so the jackpot will grow as you play and one lucky player will win the pot Every Day!!

The Daily Win Jackpots will run from the 15th July to the 30th July.

Play Jackpot Roulette for a chance to win today’s progressive jackpot which MUST BE WON before midnight!

Hello Summer! Jackpot Roulette
  • The Hello Summer! Jackpot Roulette runs between 02:01 on the 15th July 2020 to 30th July 2020 until 01:59.
  • Any wagers placed or settled outside the promotional period above will not qualify for this offer.
Jackpot Prize
  • The progressive jackpot will only be available on the Ezugi Jackpot Roulette game.
  • The jackpot will start at K5,030 and will have K0.20 added with every player bet until won. When the jackpot is won every day it will restart at K5,030.
  • There will be a guaranteed winner of the progressive jackpot on a daily basis before midnight (CET) of each day.
  • The progressive jackpot amount is based in Euros and may have fluctuations based on local currency.
  • There is no player contribution to the progressive jackpot.
  • Only settled bets on the Ezugi Jackpot Roulette game will count as qualifying bets.
  • This is a network promotion across participating Ezugi sites.
  • We reserve the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize, where all or part of the score results from any obvious error, mistake or technical fault (including incorrect game payouts) whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games.
  • We further reserve the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize where, in our opinion, all or part of the score results from cheating or collusion with other players.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw and/or change these promotional terms and conditions at our sole discretion, and any decision with regard to the winnings offered.
  • We may, at our sole discretion, exclude any customer from receiving selected promotions and any other promotions and offers.
  • General T&Cs apply.