Football Jackpot King Football Jackpot King
Football Jackpot

Ready to become the ruler of the field? With Football Jackpot, you can be the crowned champion and walk away with K3,000,000!

Step 1
Go to
“Football Jackpot”
Step 2
Choose your
Step 3
Place your bet

Pick the correct outcome for the 18 selected fixtures, and the royal prize is yours! The entrance fee is only K2.50, and you can have as many entries each week as you like.

To review your Football Jackpot King Bets, simply select ‘History’ tab within the game. Football Jackpot King closes on Saturday once the first game starts, and reopens every Monday morning.

There are other regal prizes that await on the throne:

  • 17 correct results: K60,000
  • 16 correct results: K10,000
  • 15 correct results: K2,500

Football Jackpot King
  1. Any bets placed or settled outside the promotional period will not qualify for this offer.
  2. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Qualifying Jackpots
  1. Minimum stake K2.50
  2. Players are allowed an unlimited amount of entries.
  3. Each week the jackpot will close as soon as the first game kicks off.
  4. The Results of all matches are based on standard 90 minute betting (Overtime, Golden Goals, penalty shoot outs are not included).
  5. If any chosen fixture is postponed, abandoned or not completed, the Jackpot will be voided within 48h.
  6. We reserve the right to request full verification details from jackpot winners.
  7. Jackpot winners agree to their photographs, images and names be used in Company promotional material (eg Social media, newspapers).
  8. We reserve the right to pay any jackpot by means of bank transfer or cheque.
  9. The Jackpot winnings are gross of tax. This means that all Jackpot winnings will be subject to tax and winners will have to pay all tax deductions attached to the winnings.
  10. Each jackpot player will be eligible for 1 consolation prize per week only, regardless of the number of tickets eligible for a consolation prize.
  1. We reserve the right to withdraw and/or change the promotional terms and conditions/material relating at our sole discretion, and any decision with regard to the winnings offered.
  2. We may, at our sole discretion, exclude any customer from receiving selected promotions (e.g. guaranteed best price; bonuses; Free bets; enhanced prices; and money-back specials) and any other promotions and offers.
  3. We reserve the right to exclude, cancel or remove Free Bets and Free Bet winnings from accounts that have been deemed to be fraudulent.